Friday 8th April 2016

Morobe Open Golf pros test Global VSAT service in Lae

Global’s unique C-band Satellite Internet Service will be put to test by the golf pros at the Morobe Open in Lae next week, from 12–17 April.

Global – Papua New Guinea’s leading independent Internet service provider – proudly announced that it will once again be associate sponsor of the Morobe Open at Lae Golf Club. The tournament is one of the largest in the country and is growing each year. In 2016 professionals will compete for $110,000 (PGK 255,500) in prize money in a combination of events.

For the 11th year, Global will be billeting pro golfers and supplying them with free wifi Internet from the Lae Golf Club. This year, the pros will be putting Global’s C-band Satellite to the test – a unique service offering customers in Lae more robust internet access. The VSAT service is more reliable and also performs better in the rain – a point of contention in Lae which has high rainfall and usually sub-standard internet service because of reliance on fibre optic cables.

With pro golfers these days using GPS course models, aerial maps and digital scorecards and social media, the Satellite advantage will mean the pros can access all the tech they need to gain the competitive advantage for the week of the tournament, 100% independent of Telikom and Digicel. And, just as golfers win more rounds by using a mix of tools and technology – Lae businesses have benefited from Global’s winning combination of IT and internet services. 

Business owner and Lae Golf Club Committee member, Phil Hommelhoff, says: “Using the right equipment to improve your game on the course is no different to using the right technology to improve your business performance – Global has been a fantastic partner in that regard for the Club”.

Global’s Lae Branch Manager, Todd Edwards explains: “We think PNG’s unique environment, weather conditions and communications infrastructure, calls for a special mix of Internet and IT solutions. Our own VSAT Satellite service in Lae is also perfect for remote regions or as back-up for peace of mind. As a range of options, it’s something we know our Lae clients appreciate. 

“The Global team will be available for meetings and on the greens during the Morobe Open to answer questions regarding Satellite Internet and IT-related enquiries, including the latest products from Dell.”

To find out more about Global’s VSAT service in Lae, call Mike and Todd on +675 7105 3379 and tee-up a meeting at the office or ‘19th hole’.

3RD MARCH 2016


Global proudly announces its support for the 2016 Game Fishing Association of PNG’s National Game Fishing Titles. Sponsoring since 1999 makes Global the esteemed event’s longest-serving naming sponsor. 

The National Game Fishing Titles is PNG’s most highly anticipated sporting challenge. This year, enthusiastic contenders will take to the alluring waters of Rabaul – the location where the famous angling competition began 41 years ago. 

The titles bring together more than 450 anglers, their skippers, crew and guests, from communities across the nation and around the globe. Teams work together to compete for sixteen trophies and more than fifty prizes.

Sharing a passion for connecting PNG’s communities, Global is the country’s only independent Internet and IT provider. Global’s owner, Andrew Edwards, explains that supporting the event is a natural link with his company: “Our IT and Internet services extend across the country – from the cities to remote locations. No matter where businesses are, we get them connected.”

As part of their sponsorship, Global has produced the Game Fishing Association’s website. The Internet specialist also supports the Association’s Facebook presence to help forge better networks with game fishing communities worldwide.

President of the Game Fishing Association of PNG, Bob O'Dea, commented: “Global’s support is peerless and contributes greatly to the success of the competition. Andrew Edwards' personal participation is highly valued by the Association and its host clubs. We look forward to working together in 2016 and beyond.” 

As every competitive angler knows, success depends on having a good strategy, experience, attention to detail and the right equipment to tackle the local conditions. 

Andrew Edwards says the same approach relates to business: “Our 50-strong team has the networks, local knowledge and technical expertise to help businesses and communities across PNG succeed. To maintain and grow market share, any organisation must connect with their customers online, with reliable internet and email, properly installed and maintained IT equipment to suit the PNG environment – this is what Global specialises in."

Looking forward to the competition, Mr Edwards said, “Not only is Rabaul a spectacular fishing location, the hospitality offered by local businesses also makes it an absolute must-visit destination. I’m eager to wet my line and meet up with fellow enthusiasts at the titles.” 

Thursday 16 February, 2012


The recent downtime in Lae due to severe storms has proven the importance of a reliable Internet service. To combat this problem, Global Internet is bringing its unique Satellite C-Band Access Service to Lae!

Global has created an Internet service that's quite different to the ones currently available, enabling customers to get reliable Internet access with ultimate protection against downtime for a great price.

Additionally, customers won’t need to purchase their own equipment or pay installation costs, saving themselves the thousands of dollars in fees that other Satellite operators charge.

Existing customers can make further savings by opting for the Global Satellite Back-Up service, which switches on only when required. This highly reliable solution is ideal for businesses that prefer to operate on Wireless and/or ADSL generally, and use Satellite only when their primary service experiences downtime.

Businesses that wish to use Global Satellite full time won’t need to purchase their own equipment either, and will also receive the highest level of technical support in the country.

Once the Global Satellite Service is available, existing Global customers will be connected immediately. New customers will need to wait only normal administrative periods to change ISPs or set up a new account.

We expect Global Internet’s Satellite Service to be operational in a few weeks, with pricing to be highly competitive.

Don't suffer through weeks of disconnection again! Choose the service that suits you:

• use Global Internet Satellite as a backup to your existing Global service, or

• switch to Global Internet Satellite to replace your existing ISP service.

Contact Global now for a free consultation and quote. We're currently booking appointments for:

Monday 27 February–Friday 9 March 2012.

Email or call +675 321 4322 to arrange your personal meeting with one of our experienced consultants in Lae or Port Moresby.

Friday 8 April 2011

Global Internet, PNG’s original Internet service provider, has recently produced an exciting new website for the Game Fishing Association (GFA).

Global partnered with Brisbane-based business Foundry Productions to provide a packaged service that included website domain registration, hosting and development with invaluable local support.

This fusion of inspiration and expertise has produced a website that combines top-class design with simplicity and freedom of use.

For GFA President Robert O’Dea, it was the right product at the right time. “We’re very excited about improving our online relationship with our members and this is perfect timing with the titles all set for April this year.”

The website’s simple-to-use content management system puts GFA in the driver’s seat, enabling them to make text and image changes themselves, including uploading daily results during the National Game Fishing Titles. This ensures that participating anglers, club members and fishing enthusiasts get up-to-date, vital information when they most need it.

After sponsoring the National Game Fishing Titles for 12 years, Global Internet’s General Manager Andrew Edwards knew that having his company develop GFA’s new website made perfect sense.

“The National Game Fishing Titles is about pushing your limits and striving to be a winner – and that’s how we do business! So it made perfect sense for us to redesign the GFA website to world-class standards,” Mr Edwards said.

Visit the new website at

For more information about website design and development, contact us at or

Tuesday 11 May, 2010

Global Internet, PNG’s original Internet Service Provider, is thrilled to announce the launch of Broadband ADSL and the addition of Wireless Access Services in Port Moresby, with plans for expansion to other major cities.

General Manager, Andrew Edwards said, “Implementing ADSL and Wireless is a response to increasing customer demand for consistently reliable high download quota plans, a faster Service, and flexibility based on individual business needs.”

Global Internet has established itself as a market leader and has added Broadband ADSL and Wireless to their growing list of Services to continue this leadership. Other Access Services including Satellite will be released soon to encompass the growing needs of current and potential customers throughout PNG.

Mr Edwards said that with ADSL, Wireless and future Services, Global Internet will become a “one-stop-shop” for all things Internet.

“We can now focus our energy on looking after our customers holistically - we’ve invested heavily so we can take care of everything from designing and hosting websites and emails locally and overseas, to implementing a range Internet Access Services.

“You can now combine the economy of Global's fast ADSL with the reliability of the new Wireless network and you have a bullet proof Internet service, previously unheard of in Papua New Guinea,” he said.

ADSL utilises the copper wiring of your existing phone line without interfering with the phone service itself so you can still use the phone for voice or fax at the same time. Benefits include superior performance, and a significantly reduced cost for connecting. ADSL is very fast (both in response times as well as upload and download speeds) and is therefore ideal for downloading music, work files, movie trailers, photos and large web pages.

Global’s Wireless Internet Service is available in Lae and Port Moresby and is independent of Telikom making it an excellent stand-alone or seamless backup to existing Global Internet Services during phone line outages. It is as fast as ADSL and faster than a Leased Line, ISDN or Dialup Service, and will be voice optimized and ideal for VoIP PABX services pending Telikom approvals.Global Internet’s Broadband Download speeds range from a massive 128Kbits/s to 2Mbit/s. All Global Access Services must be combined with a Global Internet Plan. ADSL Prices start from as little as K61.00 a month for a Base Plan and a 128k connection, and Wireless prices will be highly competitive.

Global Internet works with sister company, Global Technologies to offer all services in house, ranging from experienced IT support including a free helpdesk, to website and DNS hosting to IT infrastructure design and implementation. Benefits of all services under the one umbrella include superior and all round network security that ultimately gives businesses increased protection from viruses and email and Internet fraud.

To apply for Global Internet’s Broadband ADSL and Wireless Access Services, visit the website or phone the Port Moresby office on +675 321 4322 POM or Lae on +675 472 1639.

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